How it works

AlohaFind is a private search engine from the makers of Aloha Browser.

Search engines are one of the biggest data collectors out there. With AlohaFind we keep you private and don't collect any data. Plus, we don't show you captcha all the time when you use it with VPN on.

Plus, millions of users use our free and unlimited VPN service, and might see captcha requests with search providers that is a very annoying.

So, we’ve got you covered with AlohaFind - private search engine from the makers of Aloha Browser. The one and only engine that doesn’t care about your real location and identity, it just works the same for everybody.

We use the same results that you would get from Google, but we don’t share any extra information besides search query, so they can’t track you. We don’t collect any personal information either. It’s just you and your private search, tête-à-tête.

Use Private search in your browser

You can use AlohaFind as a search engine in your any other browser, just go to


How to disable AlohaFind

If you prefer to share your personal data with data collectors in order to receive more personalized search results, you can easily switch back to the search engine of your choice.

Go to Aloha > Settings > Search and select the one you like. You can also tap on search icon on the address bar to quickly switch between search providers.